A new concept in meetings for the global
Travel and Health Insurance industry.


THIS brings to the industry a new mindset and approach to driving connectivity.

Intimate and multi-faceted events will give you an entirely new kind of environment in which to learn and do business.

Our carefully crafted agendas will address brand new topics for the industry.

Each THIS event will be shaped around a specific theme, giving you the opportunity to deep-dive into the topics that matter most to you. From recurring industry issues to brand-new challenges, whatever is on the agenda, each THIS event will cater to a different sector of the industry, creating unrivalled opportunities to enhance your professional development.


Delivering the best possible event experience for our attendees is our core motivation.

We want each attendee to feel they have acquired valuable new knowledge, forged exciting new connections, and been a part of something special.

Environmental sustainability and charitable giving are key focusses of the THIS model.

Each of our community members and attendees will be able to make a positive impact that goes beyond their contribution to the industry.


What’s THIS all about?

Focussed agendas.

Explore critical issues through our fresh approach to in-person and hybrid meetings.


Be inspired to do better business, to learn and to collaborate.

Targeted networking.

We get the right people in the room so you can make the most of your time with key prospects and peers.

Unforgettable venues.

Stimulating surroundings and remarkable locations to delight, while meeting your every business need.

Motivational keynote speakers.

Learn from internationally acclaimed professional speakers drawn from a variety of industries.

The THIS vibe.

You’ll feel the warmth of our friendly, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere from the moment you step through the door.

THIS will be a platform from which knowledge and ideas evolve into action.

Through our in-person meetings and online networking group, THIS will create a global industry community that is accessible to all.

THIS - Your Platform For Success

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