We are THIS

A fresh-faced events organisation founded on years of experience, making big things happen for the global travel insurance industry. 

We are the people who spark conversations – with bespoke agendas, tailored event formats and settings that inspire.  

Our deep-dive educational and networking events are a platform for innovation, helping to steer the direction of the global travel and health insurance industry we serve.  

Big ideas,
beautifully made

Big ideas,
beautifully made

Sarah Watson and Kirsty Diclaudio, THIS Directors
We know the operational intricacies of the global travel insurance marketplace, the nuances of the relationships between each moving part, and what makes each segment of the industry unique. We saw a need for agenda-specific meetings for this industry. New ways of doing business. And hand-selected venues that cater to every attendee’s needs while exceeding their expectations in every way.
The THIS story

The THIS story

THIS has been a long time in the making. We spent years deeply immersed in the international travel insurance marketplace – through our work in managing some of the industry’s largest events and key publications. Knowing this industry inside out, we saw it needed a brand-new format for in-person events.

THIS is where our knowledge, connections and our passion for event management meet. We set out to create meetings and experiences for the industry that were more personal, dynamic and agile – to match the qualities inherent in the global travel insurance industry.

And so, we made THIS.

An ever-changing series of bespoke events for all sectors of the global travel insurance marketplace.

And at our heart …


Both in the way we deliver events, and how we celebrate and inspire change in the industry, innovation is at our heart.


THIS aims to build trust through openness, diversity and inclusivity. We want our team and our community to feel valued, nurtured, and championed.


We strive towards environmentally sustainable event delivery. Everyone involved with THIS will play their part.


We strongly believe that collaboration, in all its forms, is vital for the healthy growth of THIS, as well as for the wider industry.

We share the love

We also provide a range of professional event management services to the global travel insurance industry.

If you’d like help creating your own industry event, we’d love to be involved.

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