Networking and educational events
for the global travel insurance industry

Networking and educational events for the global travel insurance industry

Gather. Collaborate. Innovate.

Welcome to THIS

We bring a fresh approach to networking and events for the global travel insurance industry. 

Whether hosting events of our own or for our clients, THIS stands for creatively conceived, tailor-made experiences – and meticulously curated agendas that kindle in-depth learning.

Think inspirational event locations. Virtual platforms enriching the networking experience. And, above all, a drive for innovation in the global travel insurance industry.

Upcoming events


Explore how the global travel insurance marketplace is developing. Keep up to date on the latest industry shifts, product developments, and game-changing partnerships that are shaping this dynamic insurance sector.

Part of the INNOVATE THIS conference, the evening networking party is open to all. Expect delicious cocktails and a curated food menu. Invite your industry friends and clients. Sponsored group packages available.

What’s THIS all about?

A refreshing way to connect.

Dynamic event formats and inspirational settings. Peer-to-peer learning that’s as eclectic as it is electric. THIS brings together specialists in their field to forge exciting new connections.

And through our personal touch, and our welcoming and supportive atmosphere, we hope you’ll agree that at THIS events, you’re part of something special.

When we’re not gathering in-person, THIS’ online community is where we can hang out and talk shop. Join us and share your experiences, news and knowledge with industry colleagues.

Carefully crafted agendas that inspire learning.

Getting to the heart of pressing industry topics is what ignites our fire.

Our agendas are designed to give you a rich learning experience, taking you on a considered exploration of today’s talking points.

We know the international travel insurance industry inside out, allowing us to curate events that address the industry’s up-to-the-minute issues.

Together with our hand-picked speakers, our agendas ensure you’ll leave our events with valuable new insights, equipped to better deal with the challenges your business currently faces, and excited for new opportunities.

A lasting impact.

THIS is a platform from which knowledge and ideas evolve into action. We want everyone attending our events to leave ready to transform ideas into innovations, taking the industry forward.

Through our online community, you’ll be able to keep the conversations going, pushing for change where it’s needed.

Our own impact will be much wider than the industry we serve, however. One of our core values is sustainability, and with the help of our attendees and partners, we strive to have a neutral impact on the environment.


Can we talk about ... THIS?

If there’s a specific subject you’d like to see on a THIS conference or webinar agenda, get in touch. THIS caters to all areas of the global travel insurance and IPMI industries, so there will be a THIS event for your sector coming up soon. In the meantime, please do reach out to us if there’s a particular subject or issue you’d like to see covered – or talk about yourself – at one of our future events. We want to hear your ideas.

Our community

Decades of experience in the global travel and health insurance industry have given us an unparalleled international network of professionals in all sectors – from insurers to air ambulance operators, assistance companies to cost containers.

No matter what area of the industry you work in, or whether you are a payer or a provider, come and join our online group over on LinkedIn. There, we’ll be sharing industry news, discussing pertinent topics, and welcoming your input on our upcoming events.

Make new connections, discuss common issues, and share your experiences with industry peers. The THIS global community is for everyone.

Interested in partnering
with THIS?

Place your business centre stage in front of your target audience and reap the benefits 

of greater brand awareness, lead generation, networking and thought leadership.

Need some THIS magic for your own event?

We don’t just host our own events for the international travel insurance industry. We also organise events on behalf of industry clients.

We like to share the love when it comes to making great things happen for this industry.

Our range of event management services ensure you deliver a seamless event, whether you need a rooftop cocktail party in Hong Kong for 50 or an Awards show for 500.

From consultancy to concept, committees to keynotes, we’ve got you covered. 

Booth design, promotional materials, or an entire show. No project is too big or too small.

We’ve organised them and we’ve presented them. Now we can do the same for you.

Our online event platform delivers exciting meetings experiences, however you take part.

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